Blessed silence

Woohoo, with some help from my Dad (okay, he totally did it for me) the battery has now been replaced in my smoke detector and the torture by beeping is over. Yes, I could have done it by myself, but I called in parental reinforcements. Not so much because i was worried about electrocuting myself, more because I was worried about breaking the darned thing. With me there is a very fine line between 'wiggle screwdriver in opening until you hear a click' and 'wiggle screwdriver, nothing happens, wiggle it harder until something snaps' at which point, pyep I've broken the darned thing.

In other news I wrote and posted my first ever drabble...

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So my place came with a pre-installed smoke detector (which has been a PITA for various other reasons) which runs off the mains. All well and good, its nice to know I'm not going to die a firey/smokey death one night while I snooze, but now its decided to beep at 5 minute intervals. Just one beep. One, really, loud beep. Over and over and over and over and over and over and...you get the picutre.

Anyway, I've managed to find out what make and model it is thanks to my google-fu (of course there were no instructions etc to be found when I moved in) and I think (hope) that its the back up battery that's running low. I've even found out what type of battery (obscure) and hunted one down at the local DIY place. Now (according the the online instructions) all I have to do is turns off the mains, stuff a screwdriver in the thing at the right spot,wiggle it a bit, slide it from the base unit on the ceiling and then open it up to replace the batteries.

Here's hoping that a) I don't blow myself up, b) I don't break the think and yet it still keeps beeping, c) replacing the batteries fixes the probem...

If my next post here is me gibbering incoherantly, it probably means the beeping is still happening.
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I'm not being antisocial...

I'm away with family at the moment doing the Christmas thing, but that also means I'm in Internet purgatory as the connection here drops about once every thirty seconds and then can take anything up to 30 minutes to reappear. I have so many things to catch up with -especially replies to comments on the Camelot Drabble Holiday Fiction exchange, but eveytime I try to post a comment or reply the Internet craps out on me. I am as a result now foaming at the mouth in frustration. I'm just hoping that if I keep on hitting 'retry' this will get posted eventually.

I'm travelling home tomorrow so normal internet service will be resumed (as will R/L unfortunately) and I do have a good few more days off to get my fic onto AO3 and maybe FFnet so it's not just on LJ.

Its been really fun taking part in my first exchange thingy though, and the fic that Eurydice72 wrote for my prompt was splundiferous, so here's hoping I get the nerve up to do some more.

I wish I could write faster...

To be fair, right now, I'm not actually getting around to writing much at all, so speed isn't the problem, more getting pen to paper is. I've got a bunch of 'in progress' things that have just stalled out and then i get new ideas to add to the mix in a sort of snarled up traffic jam of none writing. I've got to be in the right frame of mind but at the moment my head is mostly full of work stuff (in a bad, fretting kind of way, sigh) and its keeping the writing stuff from happening and its driving me nuts.

I keep reading about 'challenges' and things I'd love to join in with - there's a Merlin Christmas Challenge thingy coming up for example, but there will be weekly prompts, which mean I'd have to come up with something once a week, and right now I'm struggling to come up with something once every six months so its not really a realistic option, but its annoying to not be ablle to get involved in these things and have to watch from the sidelines.


Word War - Day 4 (of 4)

I made it! only just though, it was hard going today...got to 613 words, which was kind of paltry but that still takes me up to a total of 4026 words - my target was 4,000, so I didn't exactly explode it, but I scraped by. Still, a bit disappointed that I didn't get more done today :(

No chance for more than a few scribbles over the next few days, but a lovely bank holiday weekend coming up, so hopefully I'll actually get to the point of having some darned zombies in my zombie story.


Word War Day 3

Yay, 1144 words today and only one day to go. Barring catastrophes I think I'm actually going to make it! And then I'm out the next two night's doing stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to get another chunk done over the bank holiday weekend, and perhaps my zombie fic will actually have some zombies in. That would be good right? Even better would be if I got around the actually starting to type some of it up before its gets to be too much of a chore.

Word War - Day 2

Scraped in at 1053 words today, phew. At some point though I'm actually going to have to start typing some of this up before it gets out of hand (yes, I know I am so old, I still write best with a pen in my hand...sigh, i wish it weren't so, life would be much easier)

Still no zombies yet in my zombie fic...they are waiting impatiently off screen, making annoying groaning noises and chewing the scenery.


Word War - Day 1 (of 4)

Today's target was 1000 words and I hit 1216, so yay, go me :) It'll be harder for the other 3 days as they're work days, but hopefully I get 1000 per night written so I hit my 4000 word target for the 4 days. I'm hoping that'll get my scarily longer than usual fic moving again.